I'm a kid, an hacker and the person who made this page.

My hobbies include hacking away things, playing football or the guitar, and making stuff like this.

  • Awesome.
  • Amazing.
  • Hacker.

What do I do?

There are quite a few things I do, I'll try and include the most meaningful ones here.

  • Make things like this.

    Even though I haven't got too much of time, some invisible force makes me make awesome things like CryptChat & Lily.

  • Hack away at things.

    I mentioned this earlier so I won't go around pissing you off with that phrase.

  • Make Music - Or listen to it.

    My choices include Linkin Park, Eminem, Green Day and Maroon 5. As for the 'make' part, I've got my guitar.

  • Play Football.

    You might know it as soccer too. Center forward or left wing. I decide.

Got anything to say?

Not really accepting comments on that photo. Drop in for anything else, possibly over a cup of tea.