How reading changed me and my life completely!

I was never an avid reader. An average student in the class. I was interested in no subject that did not affect my life directly. Gradually, I reflected on this quality of mine. I was bothered only by the things that affected my life directly. Nothing less, nothing more. This wasn’t the case in just a mere subject that was taught in class but anything that existed. I realized that probably my favorite subject was ‘life’. I started to look for life-changing scenarios. I started to look at things that nobody really paid attention to. Now, I have come to the conclusion that ‘where you are not looking, there lies what you are looking for’. So, I shifted my attention from where I was looking (Outside) to where I was supposed to look (Inside). This shift was all I really needed to get into the track. This shift came when I began to look for answers about everything. Began to look for how people from being broke, become rich. How people reached from one extreme to another. The number of questions knew no limit. Anything I read, be it a blog or piece of research could not actually answer the questions flooding within me. I wanted to know more. I became curious about answers. I wanted to know the secrets of life, understand life and I did not want to miss out on any aspect of life. That is when the most spectacular thing happened to me. Books! I started reading books. I started with a simple one, ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’. I was blown away by the simplicity of life. I was blown away by Robin Sharma’s perspective and definition of life. And, right there, at that moment, I realized that if just one book is talking so much sense then what about the abundance of knowledge out there? I questioned myself, “What am I missing on? There is so much wisdom out there of which I can take full advantage of.” I started searching for more books online. Books that had transformed people’s life completely- their right, left & center! I wanted to know what was the secret that laid behind this. The secret of life! Later, in one of the books, I stumbled upon a statement. “This is a huge world. Everything happens for a reason because this is a logical world. This huge universe cannot be run without a set of laws or principles”. It also gave an example. ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ by Newton, is one of the laws of the universe. And there are many more. Most of them are discovered by successful people consciously or unconsciously. What do successful people do? They write books. Because they want to share what they have learned in their journey up to their success ladder! So why reinvent the wheel? When you can learn from what successful people did. If you blindly follow what successful people do with their time and life you will become successful too. There is no other way than to be a successful person. Because every action has an equal reaction, therefore, similar actions will always have similar results. So, when I looked closely into these laws. When I read more, I understood more about them. Understood a lot of things that most of our previous generation has missed. And I found these laws to be working in perfect harmony. It worked like science within me. And I decided to get a tattoo “Read More”. At that moment, I realized that what we are experiencing is nothing compared to our potential. It all begins when you begin to utilize your mind by applying concepts that you read in the books. And that made reading a reality to me. The sheer hunger to grasp as much life as I can. To experience what personal development is and to shoot for being enlightened. These kinds of statements led me to the path of reading. Led me to the path of being open to the universe. I read more. I read to live life to the fullest. Maybe you should try too?